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Ageing Population and Technology: The Crossroad of New Era

How can we use technology to enhance the delivery and quality of care?

Illustration of a group of senior in nursing home with their caregiver

Singapore is ageing. By 2030, close to a quarter of Singapore’s Population will be aged 65 or over. And there are inevitable challenges that come along with this! As individuals age, susceptibility to illness increases, often requiring extended care. We needs a practical strategy to care for its ageing population with limited resources.

If resources were unlimited, the solution would be straightforward. However, Singapore faces a different situation with manpower shortages in the healthcare industry and rising healthcare costs. Should this keep up, the cost of care will skyrocket, making it increasingly inaccessible to the growing pool of elderly who need it? This is where technology can assist! Technological solutions certainly do not replace the work of caregiving professionals but can improve the quality of care and the scale at which it can be delivered.

Inevitable Cross Road in Ageing Population

It’s no secret that technology is not associated with the older generation. Many older individuals may think of new technology as hard to understand and even harder to use in daily life. As a result, the elder care sector tends to rely on traditional methods such as paper-based systems, and may even shy away from adopting technological solutions. But in truth, the right technology makes a valuable partner and assistant to both professionals within the sector and seniors themselves!

Technology can help professionals within the sector plan and work more efficiently and effectively. Optimising the use of the limited resources available can help to deliver care to a greater number of individuals in a shorter amount of time and at a manageable cost. Some examples are the use of technology to automate repetitive administrative tasks such as booking appointments and payment collection. This doesn’t just reduce the risk of human error, it frees up staff to focus on the task of delivering care and to deliver care to more individuals.

As for the seniors themselves, the key lies in building technology with attention to their needs and preferences. This can come in the form of a tablet-based application that seniors can use to sign up for and partake in daily activities within a senior care centre. The application needs to be easy to use, for example, comprising buttons which are highly visible and self-explanatory.

SCMS and The New Way of Care

Werkdone’s Senior Care Management System equips senior care centres with a solution to automate, streamline and speed up daily work processes. Let’s take a closer look at how – starting with administrative capabilities.

Manually entering data is necessary when using paper-based systems. However, inaccurately duplicating the data is possible if it needs to be recorded in multiple locations. Paper records are also prone to damage or misplaced. In healthcare and senior care, human error can come at a very high price. But using technology to assist us can reduce or even eliminate human error.

An SCMS can also automate invoicing and payment collection, as well as manage comprehensive profiles of each senior — which can help centres pre-empt or stay prepared for medical emergencies. This system enables customized care for seniors and empowers caregivers for better experiences.

Partnering with Technology, Bringing Better Care

Technology is critical to providing quality care to Singapore’s ageing population. By automating tasks and gathering data, caregivers can enhance the quality of care they offer to seniors. Furthermore, technology can assist seniors in improving their quality of life by giving them access to social contacts and activities. By utilizing these advantages, we can enhance our ability to provide better care for Singapore’s senior citizens, ultimately improving their quality of life during their golden years.

At Werkdone, we believe that challenges always come with solutions, especially concerning matters related to the future. Visit our website to find out more about our services. Alternatively, drop us a message here!

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