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How Credential Management Works in Visitor Management System

Credential Management is in essence software that is used for issuing and managing credentials. Before going into the details of Credential Management as a system, let’s cover the definition of credentials. Then we’ll find out how the Credential Management system is incorporated into a Visitor Management System.

What is Credentials?

In Layman’s terms, credentials are proof of identities. These can be ID numbers, identification cards, badges, etc. that can prove a person’s identity. They establish a person’s identity, typically using identifiers, and connect the individual to the organisation that assigned the credential. 

There is a difference between credential and identity. A credential is a means to connect an individual’s proof of identity to their company or purpose. For example, proof of vaccination is a credential for health regulations. In this situation, it would be proof that the individual has been sufficiently vaccinated to comply with regulations. And so may be authorised to participate or enter a certain event or premise.

Credentials can change and expire. This means it will be necessary to update or re-apply for them upon expiration, or when new credentials have been assigned. Due to these constant changes, managing credentials becomes a headache for growing organisations, particularly pertaining to access and security clearance.

Why Credential Management System is Necessary?

Credential Management is crucial for security and efficiency. Introducing an automated system can make the management process less tedious and reduce human error. Credential management solutions can reduce admin load and secure IT systems from unauthorised or expired users, therefore reducing the chances of a security breach or data leak.

Many studies have shown that the number one cause of data breaches can be attributed to compromised user credentials. So improving the fidelity of systems used to authenticate end users to networks and applications is the starting point for organisations wishing to improve their data security.

Organisations use user credentials to limit or allow access to sensitive data. Deploying a sound credential management system—or several credential management systems—is critical to secure company systems and information. Management and authorities must be able to easily create and revoke credentials. This is necessary as customers and employees come and go, change roles, and as business processes and policies evolve. Furthermore, the rise of privacy regulations and other security mandates means that organisations must demonstrate their ability to validate the identities of online consumers and various staff.

Usage of Credential Management in Visitor Management System

Part of the visitor journey using a Digital Visitor Management System is establishing if an individual is eligible for entry. And if a visitor meets the requirements to enter the premises or certain sectors on the premise. All these can require a credential validation or background checks with third-party and even government organisations. A Visitor Management System can automate this process for your business!

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