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Fortnightly Sessions: Message from James Kow – WerkDone Executive Director, CEO

Our Executive Director and CEO, James Kow shares a little bit about what WerkDone has been up to since the pandemic restrictions lightened.

What has WerkDone been up to?

During the pandemic, WerkDone dove deep into providing Access Management solutions for businesses looking to continue their operations amidst rising cases and government restrictions. 

While these services supporting COVID-19 measures necessitated the spotlight, WerkDone has in fact been on a path of transformation throughout the last 2 years, with our sights set on businesses’ needs beyond the pandemic.

We managed to establish ourselves as a formidable player in Singapore’s field of digital collaboration and services, and were in 2021 acquired by Hong Kong-listed company Nexion Technologies Limited.

WerkDone’s new offerings are centered around Business Process Automation and Digitalisation. These aspects are rooted in understanding that the world’s new normal is fuelled by a population that increasingly utilises and relies on digital services to meet their needs.

We have recently been awarded a multi-year contract by a Hospital to implement a comprehensive Visitor Management System that manages all Hospital Visitor Registration (e.g. Patients, Next of Kin, Staff, Retailers) under a single integrated system. It also provides real-time traffic monitoring and data visualisation of visitor behaviour.

The WerkDone team is thankful for the opportunity and thrilled to embark on a project contributing to the betterment of public health and efficiency of healthcare services.

In the coming months I will be sharing more with you about our company’s milestones and culture, such as remote working with an international team, a 4.5 day work week, and our data security certifications. And of course, the role they play in our ultimate goal – to provide our clients with top-notch service and revolutionary products.

James Kow, Executive Director & CEO of WerkDone

Stay tuned for more WerkDone updates in the coming weeks!

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