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How To Prepare Holiday Rush With Visitor Management System

The holiday season is just around the corner, which means that the holiday rush is coming for businesses all around. Various industries are preparing for the oncoming traffic of the festive season. Places of attraction and entertainment venues for one. However healthcare and senior care industries may also see a sharp rise in family members wishing to visit, or volunteer participation. While a bustle is good for any business, lacking the tools to manage increased traffic can lead to overcrowding, trespassing, human administrative error, all of which stem from poor visitor management.

Importance of Visitor Management System During High Season

Businesses should hence adequately prepare for the surge of people entering their premises in such a season. Is your business and team prepared? Tools such as a Visitor Management System can be of great assistance in managing traffic flow and visitor experience in such a time! Read on to find out how:

1. Prevent Overcrowding and Unauthorized Access

Overcrowding is a risk. Not only does it make for poorer visitor experience and impressions of the brand, it also poses health risks. dangerous. Transmission of diseases, particularly in sectors such as health and senior care, is of great concern. As such, capacity management and staggering of appointments using effective Online Appointment Booking and time-controlled visitations is crucial in peak periods.

Overcrowding can also give unauthorised individuals the opportunity for trespassing, theft, and other security risks. By understanding exactly who is entering your premise and what they are doing on your premise, you can mitigate such risks!

Some Visitor Management Systems come with real-time traffic monitoring features. By implementing these, you can effectively enforce capacity measures and security, ensuring visitors a smooth experience.

2. Track Visitors and Employees Indoor and Outdoor

Implementation of Ultra-Wideband technology can help with tracking individuals within your premises via precise location tracking (indoors and outdoors) using devices such as wearable badges.⁣ This can ensure that visitors and staff are only access the appropriate areas, while restricted zones remain accessible only to authorised individuals.

3. Implement Seamless Security Protocol

Security protocol is important, and it is only effective if visitors are aware of the protocol and house rules. With a Visitor Management System, all visitors can be instantly issued house rules via mobile or email. This ensures that the do’s and don’ts on your premise are respected.

4. Automate Dissemination of Emergency Protocol

On the off chance that an emergency should occur, businesses should have solid emergency protocol in place. Visitor Management Systems can not only instantly disseminate emergency protocols via mobile, they can also perform emergency roll calls in the situation of an emergency to account for every registered individual within the premise.

All in all, a Visitor Management System seeks to automate tedious and repetitive tasks which staff may see a high volume of during holiday seasons. In doing so, it can improve staff productivity and resource allocation, since the staff can focus on delivering quality service or care. Providing visitors with a positive and secure experience with your business through better communication and service will lead to greater trust in your brand.

WerkDone has helped some of our clients prepare ahead of the holiday season! With our Visitor Management System, we assisted Orange Valley Nursing Homes to automate their administration processes and implement capacity rules. They do not have to worry about overcrowding during visitation time due to the implemented limit on visit duration and maximum visitors per patient. This will certainly assist their employees in handling visiting family and friends throughout Christmas and New Year!

Visit our website to find out more about how our Visitor Management System can help your business. Alternatively, drop us a message here!

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