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Skyrocket Productivity with a Visitor Management System in 2023

Productivity is essential to growing your business. And improving productivity almost certainly means better resource allocation and increased revenue! But proper management is needed in order to achieve this. If you’re looking to boost your company’s productivity in 2023, an automation system such as a Visitor Management System might just be the one for you.

How Can A Visitor Management System Boost Your Business’s Productivity in 2023?

A VMS gives you the ability to craft unique workplace experiences while optimising task efficiency. For example, automated visitor sign-ins mean faster, less distracting, and more user-friendly visitor experiences that invite new and repeat visitors!

And that’s just the beginning. Read on for more about why your company can use a VMS!

1. Managing Office Lobby Traffic

Your office lobby is probably the place in your office that experiences the heaviest foot traffic. As your business scales or you hit peak periods, crowds can begin to form and slow service or human error becomes an issue.

This can create a negative impression amongst office guests, not to mention poor workplace experiences for your staff. A digital Visitor Management System can the administrative tasks and streamline the process for patrons and staff!

Efficiently handle a large volume of visitors using an easy-to-use software that integrates your in house systems and devices can improve the overall experience for both your guests and employees.

2. Reduce Employee Hours Spent On Tedious Tasks

Having to attend to manually tedious tasks can take a toll on employees. Not to mention, it exhausts time that could be spent on higher value added tasks. Instead of having your receptionist receive and make individual calls, an online appointment booking system or a smart intercom system can keep things moving at a quicker pace. A VMS can accomplish both these tasks!

VMSes can also be configured to send automated notifications via email or SMS to staff or patrons. This means less repetitive work for your staff, and lesser chances of human error. Notifications can be configured to the unique requirements of your business – for example, a unique QR code that patrons can use to sign-in. Automating tedious processes allows your staff to focus on delivering quality service itself.

3. Decrease Time on Paperwork

A VMS drastically reduces the time and volume of paperwork. Paper-based visitor records are vulnerable to damage or going missing, which incurs extra time and cost.

A digital and cloud-based VMS can replace these paper-based procedures and ensures that the necessary data is always within reach. Dynamic search and export functions will save you the time of sifting through heavy paper binders. It can also reduce the need for duplication of data entry (e.g. copying data by hand from file to file).

With smart technology, your visitor management protocol will be more agile and flexible. This could mean quicker and easier updates to comply with government regulations, or easy dissemination of updates to all stakeholders digitally.

A good Visitor Management System can help your business boost its productivity by streamlining the workflow and cutting out the unnecessary and tedious. Just as importantly, it allows your business to make professional and positive impressions on your patrons. So we would definitely recommend giving it a look!

WerkDone is helping multiple businesses increase their productivity with our Visitor Management System. In 2022, we’ve had the pleasure of working with clients like Orange Valley Nursing Home, RenCi Community Hospital, Kajima Construction, Yanmar Corporation, Ngee Ann Poly Campus. Visit our website to find out more about our services. Alternatively, drop us a message here!

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