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7 Signs Your Visitor Management Solution Needs To Be Renewed

Visitor Management System is a useful tool that helps businesses keep track of their visitors. It also helps to improve environment and experience for visitors by streamlining safety procedures and reporting systems. If you find that your current system is not fulfilling these items, it might be time for an update or change in provider. Here are some signs that your Visitor Management Solution needs a refresh!

1. Visitors Waiting Far Too Long

Are your visitors constantly stuck in the lobby or at the front desk because of long wait times? Miscommunication from front desk staff, or inefficient check-in procedures can create confusion in both visitors and employees. This interrupts operation schedules and wastes precious time.

2. Task Redundancy

If employees have to enter a visitor’s information into multiple different systems or databases, this creates repeat and redundant tasks. It also runs the risk of human error. The right Visitor Management Solution should streamline this process such that a single data entry is synchronised across all in-house systems.

3. There are Visitors Without Identity Badges

Having unidentified and unauthorised individuals on workplace premises is a security risk and likely violates company policies. Sometimes, this can also happen due to unattended guests who have not been briefed on company policy. Issuing wearable badges or other forms of identification makes it easy to identify confused guests and avoid trespassing.

4. Database Bloating

Without active management, databases become filled with data which may not reflect current authorised users. Excess data makes the system difficult to navigate and overwhelming to fix. If your company does not use a cloud-based storage system, additional hardware costs may incur for data storage. The right Visitor Management System is easy to update and automate.

5. Forms Are Missing

Compliance is a priority for any business, but ensuring visitors complete the appropriate forms is often hard to enforce. Paper-based Visitor Management Solutions are particularly vulnerable to being lost, damaged, or misinterpreted.

6. Old Personnel Still Have Access

Individuals who shouldn’t have permission—like temporary employees or former vendors—may still have access to the company’s system after leaving. This could be a result of an outdated database, or too many individual software permissions for the company to keep track of. Access cards reported as lost or stolen may still be active, meaning anyone could use them to access the enterprise.

7. Unidentified Personnel On The Guest Wi-fi

Intellectual property and trade secrets compromising is never a good thing, but when random individuals use your guest network these things can happen. Should a workplace security incident occur, it will be extremely difficult to pinpoint the culprit. 

If any of these issues sound familiar to you, then it might be time to start reviewing your Visitor Management Solution and looking into an update. You certainly don’t want to be paying for a system that isn’t serving it’s purpose! Updating a system is a small hassle to bear in creating a safer and better visitor journey.

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