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Access Control And Why Businesses Need It

Security is an ever-growing concern for business owners. For many businesses, safety and security is a top priority. There are multiple ways that data and security breaches can occur and effective access control can curb these risks. From prevention of unauthorised access to audit tracking, a system that enforces access control (such as a Visitor Management System) can become a business’s number one asset. Before going further, let’s discuss why it is a must in every business.

1. Unwanted Entries

Companies might want to restrict employee, vendor, or client entry to specific zones or times of day. Unmonitored activity on the business premises can lead to a host of security issues. Access control can prevent unwanted entry and enforce restrictions on specific locations or at particular times of day.

2. Reduce Theft And Cyber Criminal Threats

The risk of theft is ever-present, whether by an internal or external party. Being able to limit and monitor access and activity of all personnels entering and leaving the premises can significantly reduce these risks. To address the risk of cyber criminals, access control is particularly helpful in keeping sensitive data and information safe.

3. Better Tracking

Management may want a better handle on who is accessing the building and when. Besides employee safety, it can help identify misconduct and provide and provide an overview or analysis of activity. Access control can provide you with important data about when and where people are entering your facility, as well as how they are using it.

4. Controlled Entry To Every Sector On Premises

If a facility has sectors, zones, or even rooms that store sensitive information, only individuals with sufficient clearance may be granted entry. Or management may wish to apply capacity limits or impose access restrictions to the supply/inventory room. Certain industries may also be governed by more specific regulations. For example, a hospital may not permit entry for people that have not met certain health regulations. Access control in the form of a Visitor Management System can help you take better control of all these aspects.

5. Complying With Privacy Laws

Does your company store sensitive information such as patient’s medical charts? Do you store any of your client’s financial information? Or manage expensive assets that have to be stored in a secure location? With an access control system, you can add an extra layer of security to areas that store high-risk assets which assists in compliance with data security and privacy laws.

Access Control is part of what WerkDone’s Visitor Management System provides. It is simple, effective, and customisable to your business’s unique needs. Visit our website to find out more about our services. Alternatively, drop us a message here!

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