TraceTogether Scanner Support

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Where can I find my company's Branch Code?

Every company has a unique branch code. You can obtain your company's government-issued branch code from item 5 at this link:

Why is my device not connecting/running slowly?

The SafeEntry Gateway system requires a strong and stable Wi-Fi connection as it sends encrypted data to Govtech’s servers. 

  • If your business Wi-fi has a Wi-Fi firewall, please contact IT for help.

  • For an area with weak Wi-Fi Signal, you may choose to use a range extender to boost the Wi-Fi or purchase a 4G USB dongle for a better connection.

  • A stable LAN connection is recommended for the best performance.

Will switching off the device log me out of the app?

Switching off or rebooting the device will not log you out of the app. But you will be logged out automatically if it is switched off for a period longer than 2-3 days.

Why is my phone not checking in?

For TraceTogether App Users, restart the TraceTogether App.

*Customers using tokens may have a better experience with the device as the tokens are designed for TraceTogether-only Gateway mode.

Why does my scanner restart on its own?

If you are using a charger head with multiple ports, ensure you have plugged the USB cable into a 2.4A port.