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Static offices are a thing of the past. Work is no longer defined by hours confined at a single desk.

Together with COVID-19 SMMs, there is a need for smarter workplace management.

Smart Workplace Solutions

WerkDone's solutions re-invents the hardware and software of office management, introducing technology, flexibility, and customizability into your work arrangements. 

Raise both workforce satisfaction and cost efficiency.


Facility Optimization

Manage spaces and Covid-19 SMMs with remote/ad-hoc bookings and interactive floorplans.

Enjoy easy reporting procedures for technical maintenance.

Adopt sustainability by going digital and paperless, book resources only when needed!


Data-Driven Growth

Harness data via a user-friendly dashboard to understand peak timings, popular and average meeting durations and pax.

Identify and address pain points to advise cost efficiency (future leasing decisions, asset purchases), and raise employee satisfaction.

Optimize Workplace Space Management while remaining SMM-compliant

Book your desks and meeting rooms on-the-go, long before you've arrived at office. Or book them ad hoc via room-specific QR codes and interactive floorplans (via tablets and smart TVs) while in office. 


Easily report any equipment malfunction through room-specific tablets for efficient asset maintenance.

View resource availability at a glance through interactive floorplans hosted on smart devices.

Restrict zones for safe distancing to create a safe working environment for your employees. Customize bookability of facilities based on safe management measures and pax restrictions.

Embrace sustainability in your office culture by going paperless with facility bookings, and adopting a use-as-you-go approach.


Effect Data-Driven Change and Growth within your workplace.

The included data analytics software lets you harness data via a user-friendly dashboard and gain insights into peak meeting and desk usage timings, or most frequent/the average meeting duration and pax.


Recognize and address pain points across the board (i.e. underused/overstretched assets). 

Raise cost efficiency and minimize unknowns by allowing data to advise future leasing decisions and asset purchases.

Every office is different. Maximize employee satisfaction when you supply the right amount of resources at the right times.


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