Empowering your people through Digitization and Automation

The Covid-19 pandemic is impacting global workplaces in unprecedented ways, with many countries across the world locking down their cities to stop the spread, working from home become THE option to continue for many businesses. Therefore it has become business critical for organisations to achieve working from home readiness quickly and effectively.

Traditionally, organization and business processes were built around repetitive, manual, paper-based workflows. Physical forms, paper-based workflows, approval for signatures, face-to-face meetings, presentations, discussions have to be replaced overnight to cater for the new working world of working remotely from home.  

It is imperative for businesses to focus on skilling and preparing their employees to quickly adapt to working from home. Agility, flexibility, and precise execution is critical for the business to survive.

At WerkDone, we are committed to support businesses to maintain business continuity during this Covid-19 outbreak. Speak to us to find out how you empower your workforce working remotely with our digitization and automation solutions.

Automate Your Daily Tasks

Our Process Automation solution automates your process by integrating forms, workflows processes by integrating forms, workflows and business rules from submission to completion.

Tell us which form, workflow or repetitive task you would like us to work on. We love to hear from you.

Digitize forms

Automate Workflow

Automate repetitive task 

How It Works?


Tell us what you need:
- Digitize a form
- Automate a workflow
- Automate a repetitive task


We will put together a solution to meet your need.

No coding required. 


We will provide a demonstration to walk you through the solution. 


You will be given access to test out the solution and give your  feedback. 


We fine tune the solution and your solution is ready to deploy.

Why Us?

  • No steep learning curve or coding required. Easy to use solution.  

  • Fast turnaround to deploy solution to meet your needs.

  • Cloud-based solution for easy access from wherever you are. 

  • An all-in convenience solution with a peace of mind. We provide the solution, our service and the storage and security of your data. 

  • Cost efficient

    • No need to buy big complicated systems or software to achieve desired business outcomes.

    • Bite size solutions that are accessible and affordable even for the micro and small businesses.

    • Flexible and Scalable. Start small with 1-2 processes and add on progressively.

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