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Our solution makes data reporting and analytics painless. Identify areas for growth, opportunities for cost savings, and optimize office usage with dashboard reporting customized to your preferences.

Three Advantages

The key ways in which our solution boosts your office's functionality and employee well-being.


Analyse all aspects of your office usage with our reporting


Create a dashboard suited to your analytical requirements


Make data-driven decisions for your office and your team

Our Features

Sensor Data Integration

  • Receive a clear overview of how workspaces (desks, meeting rooms, etc.) are being used based on sensor data
  • Compare the usage trends of different areas according to time and day
  • Identify peak timings and areas for risk of office workspaces

Comprehensive Data Reports

  • Account for ad hoc usage and “No Shows” in data reporting
  • Generate user-friendly data representation of vital metrics within your office (e.g. heat maps, bar charts, line graphs) for reporting

Data-driven Future Strategies

  • Use past data to predict the effect of changes to your corporate real estate
  • Identify areas for growth and improve cost efficiency
  • Let data drive optimization of office usage and employee well-being


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