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Build an agile workplace with our Workplace Occupancy Sensors. Let office-wide deployment facilitate flexible working arrangements and improve your corporate real estate.

Three Advantages

The key ways in which our solution boosts your office's functionality and employee well-being.


No need to be confined at a single desk, let the nature of your work shape your working environment


Makes use of IoT to create a network of intelligent sensors

Cost Efficiency

Let our sensors advise how much of workspace is truly being utilized

Our Features

Top Sensitivity

  • Sensors track movement above and below the desk for accuracy
  • Color-coded desk statuses indicate availability

Account for customizations

  • Option to set “Away” status for various durations so you do not lose your workspace.
  • Option to manually override statuses where necessary

Leveraging IoT

  • Sensors gather and consolidate data based on employees’ behaviour for backend analysis Can then be incorporated into strategies to improve corporate real estate
  • Occupancy sensors indicate when a workspace has been vacated and is available for maintenance duties (e.g. janitorial, technical)
  • Sensors can detect and raise alerts if personal assets (e.g. laptops, files) have been left behind after a meeting


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