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Make booking, planning, and collaboration easier and quicker with our workspace scheduling software. Easily locate and plan your workspaces and colleagues, and save time on scheduling meetings with a user-friendly all-in-one app.

Three Advantages

The key ways in which our solution boosts your office's functionality and employee well-being.

Swift & Simple booking

All workspaces can be booked instantly from a single app

Easier Planning

Book remotely and in advance, or select ad hoc when in office

Facilitates Collaboration

Get an instant snapshot of office capacity and find colleagues with just a few taps

Our Features

Workspace Finding & Scheduling

  • Search for a workspace based on appropriate work type.
  • Identify all available workspaces in real-time and locate them physically in the office via the application’s wayfinder.
  • Opt-in to share your work location so colleagues can locate you for collaboration.

Meeting Room Booking

  • Reduce time waste and enjoy easy planning with the application’s listing of meeting room availabilities. If the desired room is at capacity, AI-driven next best recommendations are raised.
  • Get a complete overview of facilities within each room (e.g. projector, printer, flipboard, etc.)
  • Unoccupied rooms are automatically released in the situation of “No Shows”.
  • Easily book spaces for collaboration ad hoc, when within the office.

Colleague Finding

  • Locate colleagues within the building and receive clear directions to them via the application’s Wayfinder.
  • Book and secure workspaces near colleagues you are in collaboration with ahead of time.


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