Visitor Management System for Hospitals

Healthcare visitor management is critical to any hospital's operations, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in more stringent government restrictions on footfall. With staffing shortages making it more challenging for hospitals to meet these requirements, it has become even more crucial for healthcare organisations to find a system to help ensure compliance and safety efficiently. This is where a visitor management system comes into play.

What is a Healthcare Visitor Management System?

A healthcare visitor management system is a combination of hardware and software that allows for the real-time monitoring and management of visitors entering hospitals. By providing visitor visibility and helping to prevent overcrowding and unauthorised access quickly and efficiently, such systems contribute to a hospital’s security, quality of care, patient experience and compliance with Singapore’s requirements on the number of visitors.

Features of a Hospital Visitor Management System

At WerkDone, we offer a hospital visitor management system that comes with the following key features:

How Does a Visitor Management System Benefit a Hospital

By adopting a visitor management system, your employees and visitors can benefit in more ways than one:

Streamline Visiting Processes

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Simplifying Data Management

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Improved Security

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Cost Savings

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renci-hospital renci-hospital

Ren Ci Community Hospital

Ren Ci Community Hospital is a charity healthcare institution with the primary mission of providing affordable medical, nursing, and rehabilitative care services for seniors in the community. They approached us seeking a solution that would give them the ability to better manage visitors per bed. This required taking into account MOH’s (Ministry of Health) ever-changing guidelines on Covid Prevention and other public health measures, while safely handling patient and visitor data. Traditional methods of visitor management involve heavy paperwork, this risks human error or loss of sensitive data. Additionally, the hospital sees a large variety of visitors passing through its doors, from patients to visiting family, to staff and retail operators.

By implementing a Visitor Management System, we provided Ren Ci Community Hospital with:


The ability to identify over 50 different categories of visitors by their visit purpose and security clearance.


Access Management via automated gantries and kiosks.


Easy implementation of capacity rules and measures, in which visitors are automatically added to a waiting list if the maximum capacity for a specified time limit has been reached.


Made it easier to welcome new and repeat visitors and manage their data on a cloud-based server.


Streamlining hospital’s enforcement of Visitor Management and security protocol.

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orange valey orange valey

Orange Valley Nursing Home

Orange Valley is one of largest private nursing home operators in Singapore, running five separate facilities which contribute invaluably to local community care. Orange Valley approached WerkDone due to challenges posed by the growing ageing population, frequent changes in public health guidelines, and heavy administrative workload due to paper-based procedures. A customized end-to-end solution in the form of WerkDone's Visitor Management System was introduced.

By implementing a Visitor Management System, we provided Orange Valley Nursing Home with:


Efficient Online Appointment Booking System for visitors, vendors, or contractors


User-friendly self-registration platforms for visitor


Ensuring seamless and secure admission procedures by implementing automated Patient and Next to Kin admission


Ability to accurately identify and authenticate visitors for Automated Door Access Management


Flexibility to customize booking rules on Admin function


Dynamic Data Report for Analysis and Audit purposes

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Take Visitor Management to the Next Level with WerkDone’s System


Employing a visitor management system not only helps your hospital improve crowd control processes, but also enables cost savings to be achieved and valuable insights to be gained that facilitate strategic decision-making. As a leading provider of end-to-end access management solutions, WerkDone is confident in drawing on our rich experience to seamlessly integrate our visitor management system into your hospital’s workflow so your team can quickly enjoy its benefits.

Our track record of successful implementation in more than 200 organisations and the recognition we received from institutions such as SOCOTEC demonstrate our commitment and ability to deliver the highest level of service to clients.
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