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Senior Care Revolution: The Benefits of Technology

What are the real benefits of technology adaptation in senior care?

Is it worth the effort and investment?

Bringing up the topic of ageing populations in developed countries is undoubtedly an exciting topic. As we previously discussed, technology can significantly improve the quality of care for elderly individuals. When the population is accelerating ageing, senior care requires a different approach to handle the growth. So far, utilising technology has proven to be the one solution. Like using Internet of Things technology, there are countless opportunities for improving care and service. The other technology that may be possible to adapt is a comprehensive senior care management system.

This article will discuss how a senior care management system can streamline administrative tasks such as invoicing and patient/resident registration. However, careful consideration is crucial before making this investment. It involves funding and the time required to train the workforce to utilise the technology effectively. The benefits obtained from this investment make it a valuable endeavour. Here are three reasons why incorporating technology can significantly enhance the quality of senior care services.

Increased efficiency in Senior Care

Senior care management systems can help streamline care coordination, saving time and funds. Direct recording of patient data and integration with the government-owned website portal is possible without requiring re-entry. This system frees up departments by eliminating the need for many workforces in repetitive tasks such as new patient documentation and visitor management. Moreover, it expedites service provision and reduces administrative time when admitting new seniors or transporting them to other facilities like hospitals.

Better communication

Utilising management systems can simplify the process of senior care. These systems can facilitate better interaction between individuals, their loved ones, and caregivers in social interaction and administrative procedures. In the financial process, transitioning from manual invoicing to computerised systems can make communication more efficient and streamlined via a website or mobile application. Families can quickly check the patient’s updates and financial status and even make scheduled visits at certain times. In addition, information that is regularly updated can be done automatically without the need to contact individual families. Families will also have easier access to channels to connect and obtain information. On the other side, it makes communication between caregivers and seniors easier. Opening up the possibility of taking the caring process to a whole new level, even implementing more personalised care for each senior.

Increased security and reduced human error

Senior care management systems can help increase safety and reduce human error, especially when inputting and sharing data. Integrating different systems enhances the secure and efficient storage and sharing of data. Connecting the management system for aged care with government portals eliminates the need for entering the same data into multiple systems. By using pre-selected options like gender and place of birth, filling out forms becomes faster, which applies to most people. Additionally, the integrated system enables care facilities to monitor the progress of individuals under treatment and schedule visits for personalised care. This also becomes a solution to reduce caregivers’ stress from remembering and making sure names, information, etc. Integrating this system into an automated medication system helps caregivers deliver medication at the right time with the right amount to the right person. That can cause errors.

Incorporating technology in elderly care services can effectively solve the challenges faced by care facilities. As the elderly population grows, senior care centres must embrace technology to meet their increasing demands. Efficient senior care management requires a well-designed system that enables providers to serve more people with their existing resources.

Seeing how important this system is built from the needs and constraints of each elderly care centre, each care centre will need the right partner to provide this system. WerkDone is a DPTM-certified company dedicated to building data-secure Smart Healthcare solutions to support healthcare organisations.

At Werkdone, we believe that challenges always come with solutions. We are committed to building future-proof technological solutions to help clients stay ahead of the curve! Importantly, our Senior Care Management System solutions can assist institutions in making senior care more accessible to everyone. Visit our website to find out more about our services. Alternatively, drop us a message here!

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