Future-proof your team's working environment with our comprehensive suite of AI-driven, customizable and secure Smart Office Solutions built around utilization technology.

Our Pipeline

Access Management Solutions

The nature of work is always evolving, and the biggest challenge lies in staying ahead of the curve. WerkDone provides end-to-end Solutions tailored to your businesses's needs, from Visitor Management Systems to Door Access Control via Gantries, and Data Analytics.

Key Technologies

The science behind our strategy and
the key tenets we build our solutions upon.

WerkDone IoT

Internet Of Things

Describing a network of physical objects ("things") that are embedded with sensors, software, or other tech allowing for communication of data over the Internet. Incorporating IoT into our solutions generates the building blocks for a powerful and intelligent workflow.

WerkDone AI

Ai & Machine Learning

WerkDone is always looking to make our solutions smarter and adaptive. With AI & Machine Learning, solutions are never static. Our solutions constantly evolve to and with the needs of the business.

WerkDone Automation

Business Process Automation

BPA is the technology-enabled automation of complex business process. In other words, software is used to automate repeating tasks such as transactions, processes, and other functions. This generates time and cost efficiency.

WerkDone Analytic

Data Analytics

We understand the importance of data-driven decisions and the power of analytics in advising the strategies of the future. Our Solutions include comprehensive and in-depth capabilities to visualize and analyze data, while maintaining data security.

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Proud partnerships we are always looking to expand upon.

The solutions allowed us to be able to almost fully digitalise our processes and we were able to proceed with most processes during the pandemic especially when we are working from home.

Leading Japanese Manufacturer Group

HR Director, Singapore

We contacted WerkDone after a recommendation from BCA. We implemented the visitors booking system within 30 days and now the reception is all self-service, and secured with alert notifications.

A (Grade 1) Construction Group

IT Director, Singapore

Trusted by certification

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