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3 Best Practices for Creating a Better Visitor Experience

In today’s digital age of online five-star ratings and Google reviews, visitor experience has become increasingly critical for a business’ brand image and reputation. In fact, two out of five people claim that their perception of a company was negatively affected by their experience in the lobby. As such, adopting practices to improve the visitor experience can no longer be overlooked. 

Whether it’s through an inviting physical space, helpful customer service staff, or innovative visitor management software, businesses of all sizes need to focus their efforts on creating an atmosphere that encourages visitors to stay longer, return often and tell others about the visit. 

By using these three best practices as a guide, organisations can ensure they’re setting themselves up for success when it comes to fostering better visits from customers, clients, or guests:

1. Create a Pleasant Atmosphere in the Lobby

Creating an inviting atmosphere in the lobby is key to providing visitors with the best experience. In order to achieve this goal, consider installing efficient visitor check-in systems to reduce wait times and eliminate potential stress points. Apart from a visitor registration system, businesses should also enhance comfort levels by adding seating areas with coffee or tea facilities, reading materials and Wi-Fi access, allowing visitors to better connect with your organisation and staff members in a relaxed environment. It is crucial to remember that every touchpoint matters when it comes to visitor experience – from providing seamless check-in experiences to fostering a comfortable atmosphere in the lobby – these steps will ultimately help create a positive visitor experience overall.

2. Train Staff to Manage Visitors

Designing a visitor experience that exceeds expectations requires preparation and training, particularly for staff working in the organisation. All visitor-facing employees should understand the importance of managing visitors with courtesy, hospitality, and ample time to address their needs. As such, investing in staff training that includes guidelines on how to greet and interact with visitors, monitor visitor traffic and establish security protocols can make every visitor’s experience special and memorable. When done thoughtfully and efficiently, having trained staff who are prepared to manage visitors on site is an invaluable asset that can help increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, resulting in business success. 

3. Implement a Visitor Management Solution 

Without the right strategy, your business could be missing out on valuable opportunities to engage with visitors. That being said, one of the best practices in this area is to implement an electronic visitor management system (VMS). Enterprises investing in such cloud-based VMS technologies benefit from features like pre-registration, real-time visitor tracking, contactless temperature monitoring, health declarations and more. Additionally, by removing the manual challenges associated with managing physical visitors and streamlining the check-in and out process, it enhances the visitor experience to ensure a secure and professional visit for everyone. Apart from enhancing customer interactions, organisations in Singapore can also focus more of their attention on their more important tasks without worrying about administrative functions with an effective VMS in place. All in all, incorporating an electronic VMS into your organisational practices can help you create a smoother and efficient visitor experience that is sure to leave a lasting impact.

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