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What is Bluetooth Angle of Arrival: Benefits and Uses

As healthcare institutions are evolving with the times, many are now recognising that one of the most valuable technologies to invest in is Bluetooth angle of arrival (AoA). This relatively new technology enables organisations to accurately determine someone’s exact location within an indoor area and make informed decisions in response. For hospitals dealing with a wide range of safety, security, accuracy and time efficiency needs, Bluetooth AoA can offer a number of benefits which have come to be known as the new gold standard for indoor location services. In this blog, we will explore what exactly Bluetooth AoA is and how it offers unique advantages through its various applications in the healthcare industry.

What Is Bluetooth Angle of Arrival?

Bluetooth angle of arrival is a powerful and innovative smart tracking technology leveraging the latest bluetooth protocols to provide real-time location updates. It helps businesses in various sectors like healthcare to improve patient experience by optimising their operations with accurate geofencing technology. 

Bluetooth AoA measures the bluetooth signal between two devices to identify and pinpoint an exact live location accurately. Furthermore, the formula it follows can calculate the direction or orientation of the bluetooth device for more efficient tracking. With this groundbreaking bluetooth technology, healthcare organisations can easily access a whole new world of data-driven insights that have never before been possible.

Uses of Bluetooth Angle of Arrival

Bluetooth angle of arrival technology is an increasingly useful tool in healthcare institutions. By leveraging this smart tracking technology, healthcare practitioners can utilise AoA technology for patient monitoring, locating patient rooms and care personnel, and inventory management in hospitals as well as elderly care facilities. Using Bluetooth AoA also enables easy wayfinding within these healthcare settings so that patients don’t get lost while navigating their way around the premises. Furthermore, this technology can be used in conjunction with wearables or mobile devices so that patients can receive notifications about appointments, wait times, and even restaurant menus outside the facility all within seconds. As such, Bluetooth AoA provides a great way for healthcare professionals to offer more comprehensive services to its patient population. 

Benefits of Bluetooth Angle of Arrival

1. Patient Tracking and Safety

Bluetooth angle of arrival has revolutionised patient safety and tracking for healthcare institutions such as hospitals, assisted living facilities and aged care services. This smart technology provides a valuable solution for tracking patients and keeping them safe within the facility by establishing geofences. 

In addition, Bluetooth AoA can be used to monitor vital signs, detect falls or other adverse events that require immediate attention, as well as any violation that strays outside of these established limits such as crossing into restricted areas. 

2. Staff Optimisation and Efficiency

Bluetooth angle of arrival presents an innovative way to enhance the efficiency and productivity in healthcare organisations. This technology streamlines staff movement, utilising smart tracking and geofencing to direct staff where they need to be for the best patient outcomes. Additionally, Bluetooth AoA allows for efficient wayfinding systems within institutions by allowing hospital or care facility administrators to monitor the movement of both staff and patients from any location. As such, this technology can further enable healthcare providers to improve their workflow and provide better patient care at a faster rate.

3. Real-Time Insights Into Patient Care

In our increasingly connected world, Bluetooth angle of arrival is providing healthcare institutions with real-time insights into patient care that allow hospital administrators to quickly identify potential issues before they become more serious problems. For example, if a patient’s vital signs indicate they may be at risk for certain conditions or complications, Bluetooth AoA allows administrators to intervene early on before it becomes too late. This type of real-time monitoring helps ensure that patients get the highest quality care possible while also reducing unnecessary costs associated with preventable complications or errors.  

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